About JR Snell Capital Management, LLC

JR Snell Capital Management is a fiercely independent investment management firm formed to assist each individual with their own unique set of planning and investment challenges.

We provide two main services for our clients:

We help our clients visualize their futures, whether the ultimate goal is retirement or beyond. We will work with you to develop a plan to insure that you will have the future cash flows and assets to accomplish your unique life goals. We use “best in the industry” online planning and analysis systems that we deploy as part of our overall investment management program. It is a cold, hard, cash-flow analysis… It is your “Professional Escape Plan”.

We then execute our primary specialty which is to custom craft an investment portfolio for each client and then to successfully manage that portfolio to maximum performance at minimum risk. We emphasize low and no commission investments to structure risk-sensitive portfolios that can be easily, quickly and inexpensively adjusted for changing market conditions. Our tactical objective is to recognize that the “trend is our friend” and exit situations before bad turns to worse, thereby avoiding the bone crushing and heartbreaking account drawdowns that cause most investors to abandon traditional “buy and hope” investing strategies.

Our fierce independence means that we have no allegiance to any broker, insuring that we are never obligated to recommend anything because “headquarters” says that we should. We do not accept commissions in any way, shape or form, which guarantees that we never have a hidden sales agenda.

JRSCM is made up of myself (Jeffrey R Snell) and a small collection of advisor representatives. As the founder and ringleader of this circus, the company’s mission is naturally centered around the passion that I have for the markets and my personal beliefs about investment philosophy. It is for this reason that “due-diligence” about myself and JR Snell Capital Management, LLC are pretty much one and the same.

I am Series 65 licensed (as are all of our Advisor Representatives), which means that we are registered investment advisors. I used to be a stockbroker (registered representative) so I know what it’s like to be both, or either… and being a registered investment advisor is a much more “conflict free” way to advise people.

My career in the financial services industry began as a new hire at Shearson/American Express during the week of the crash of 1987. JR Snell Capital Management, LLC (JRSCM) was formally established in 2001, but our predecessor firm, JR Snell Trading Advisory Services was founded in 1997.

JRSCM is a California domiciled registered investment advisor. The company’s IARD/CRD number on file with the regulatory agencies is 117598. I also have a personal IARD/CRD number and that is 1790083. You can check my compliance and regulatory history by using these numbers on the SEC/FINRA website. You’ll be able to see that I have no complaints nor regulatory actions against me nor my firm. I have been on file with various securities regulatory agencies since 1987 as well.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information and details.

Our mailing address is 1509 W Olive Ave, Redlands, CA  92373. The office phone number is 480-575-7688 and our assistant can track me or one of our adviser representatives down pretty quickly, wherever in the world we or you are. Our fax number is 480-360-3105. I also reply to emails and phone messages promptly and personally.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for over 30 years and during this time I’ve seen the industry from the inside out. Some of what I’ve seen and much of what I’ve studied and learned for three-plus decades has shown me how clients should be treated and additionally, how the markets really work.